What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is an alarmingly lethal synthetic opioid. The U.S. government is launching significant measures to combat this growing, deadly crisis. Stay informed and know the facts.

Did you Know?

There were over 100,000 fentanyl overdose deaths in 2022.

Our Youth

Our youth are at the center of this fentanyl crisis. Why? Pills and other substances are misrepresented on social media to youth as one kind of drug but may contain lethal doses of fentanyl.

Prioritize Prevention

President Biden has called on schools to take serious measures to address the crisis. The first step is to prioritize prevention and create a safe learning environment for youth to learn about drug prevention.

Educate and Respond

Educate youth on overdose signs and make naloxone accessible so they can respond in an overdose situation.

Did you Know?

Two-thirds of teen drug poisoning occurs when bystanders are present and naloxone isn’t administered.


Naloxone can make all the difference. It is safe even if accidentally administered, and WA State’s Good Samaritan laws will legally protect you when assisting a person who is overdosing on drugs.

Virtual Training Opportunity

HCA Friends for Life Classroom Material Training

ESD 113, in partnership with the Association of Educational Service Districts, Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA), and Desautel Hege (DH), is hosting a virtual training on materials for the Friends for Life fentanyl awareness and prevention campaign. The Friends for Life campaign ​seeks to inform and educate people about illicit fentanyl, how to help teens avoid opioids like fentanyl, how to spot and respond to an opioid overdose, and how to use naloxone. During this webinar, you will have the chance to learn:

  • More about the Friends for Life campaign
  • How to localize, order, and share toolkit materials
  • How to effectively implement classroom materials for schools in your community
  • What’s next for the campaign

Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2024 | 3 – 4 pm
Location: Zoom
Questions: Devan Iyomasa | devani@wearedh.com