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Safety Not Stigma: Reframing the Way We Talk about Guns and Violence: This webinar explores: guns and suicide: the real intersection of gun violence and mental illness; partnering with the gun-owning community to promote safety; and public policy that reduces suicide by firearms while respecting rights of responsible gun owners. Speakers: Mental Health America (MHA) Regional Policy Council Representative Shel Gross of MHA Wisconsin, Jean Papalia of Madison Police Department (retired), and Debbie Plotnick of MHA.

Reducing the Risk of Youth Suicide: A Discussion on Education, Prevention, and Early Intervention by Mental Health America Webinars

Standing Together to Prevent Bullying by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Bullying is all too common, and it’s harmful to the mental health of all involved. Young people who are bullied are more likely to feel lonely and want to avoid school. They are more likely to have symptoms of depression, which could contribute to their risk for suicide. 

Erin L. Wick, MBA, SUDP

Executive Director, Integrated Student Support – Intervention, Prevention, Treatment and Wellness | Capital Region ESD 113

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Hailey Shelton, MS, SUDPT

Behavioral Health Systems Coordinator | Capital Region ESD 113

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